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savING lives when
every second counts

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CR+M products and strategies are designed by first responders to save lives at the onset of an emergency, when every second counts.

Our team of law enforcement professionals have studied every mass casualty event since Columbine and found key consistencies across all incidents which ultimately led to our patent pending products and strategies.

CR+M products provide a means to mitigate the adverse effects during critical incidents and mass casualty events when every second counts.

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STOP THE BLEED® Training and Education

CR+M has joined forces with Stop The Bleed® and the Department of Defense to help get 200 million people trained in hemorrhage control.


As an educational licensee of Stop The Bleed®, CR+M will promote STB hemorrhage control training through the Stop The Bleed Coalition and help train, prepare and equip our customers with critical life saving skills.

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